Shower Without Spending A Fortune

A bathroom should be a space for you to relax and unwind. However, depending on the size and age, this may not be exactly how you see your bathroom. It may not be time for you to start your bathroom remodel, but there are plenty of things you can do right now to create a space you enjoy.

The shower is a great place begin to make changes. Many people think you need a complete overhaul to enjoy, however, a few simple and affordable upgrades will create a shower you love.

1. Improve Your Shower Curtains

Shower curtains alone can change the entire look and feel of any bathroom. Let’s start with the type. Say goodbye to plastic curtains and replace them with fabric. Pick a color scheme that matches your linens or a more modern pattern that will instantly update the look of older features, like colorful tile walls.

Neutral, waffle texture shower curtains are very trendy and add a bit of sophistication to the bathroom. If your budget allows, buy two of them, so the curtains open at the center, instead of the sides like most do.

If you are feeling creative, turn it into a DIY project! Find a plain color fabric shower curtain and add your favorite ribbon to the bottom. Get stencils and a fabric pen to design your own. There are so many options to add your own unique shower curtain to your bathroom and all are easy projects for a rainy weekend.

2. Consider Your Curtain Rods

You can expand your shower without knocking down a single wall. Curved curtain rods are a luxurious addition that will add more space to your shower. Gone are the days of the curtain liner taking up your precious space while you’re showering.

Also, take a look at how you are hanging your shower curtain. One of the things I didn’t know I needed until I had it were double-sided shower curtain hooks. There is a hook on each side of the slider, so your curtains will never stick together, or mistakenly get tossed over the other side of the tub. It also makes it easier to change out the curtain liner when it gets dirty. A double rod will also accomplish same thing.

3. Upgrade Your Shower Head

Give your shower a new feel by changing your shower head! There are many kinds of affordable shower heads available. Looking to save on your water bill? Check out water conservation shower heads that decrease water usage and still maintain the water pressure you desire. Or, take a look at the very trendy rainfall shower heads, with prices ranging between $50 and $100 depending on the style. Replacing your shower head is an easy DIY project, but if you’re uncertain about working with plumbing, call a pro.

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your current shower head, think about giving it a good cleaning to take off any mineral deposits, rust or water stains. You can easily accomplish this with materials you have at home, like water and vinegar. It’s sure to look good as new after a cleaning.

4. Spice Up Your Shower Caddy

One of the biggest issues in anyone’s shower is the abundant amount of shampoo, conditioner and other bottles cluttering the area. Many showers do not provide optimal storage space. A simple addition of a quality shower caddy can help in cleaning up and leaving the tub clutter-free.

However, the key to creating a luxurious shower is to invest in one that not only looks good, but fits your shower well. Tension pole shower caddies are specifically useful in stand-alone showers and can easily be tucked away into a corner. For claw foot tubs, use a shelf caddy or spa stool to keep bath products within reach.

An ecological way to keep bath products contained is by purchasing refillable wall mount dispensers. This will keep all of your bath products in one place and allow for a more spacious shower.